The Mossad, The Outstanding Mission of Israel Secret Team in Khmer Released

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After months of editing and deciphering, the book Mosass II is published and distributed throughout the province by a group of youth from League of Democratic Party Research Department, where the volume is up to date. The 5,000 books, along with the Revolutionary Manuscripts, are all written by Khem Veasna since 2015.

The Mossad book, adapted in Khmer, recounts the story of one of the world’s most secretive forces, Israel, who dedicated his life to protecting the territories confiscated from the Arab region. The book is full of various kinds of tactics and tricks to defeat the enemy without using much force, as well as intelligence to plan an enemy attempt to crush Israel into ashes.

Also, the book is available at the Democratic Party headquarters in the provinces and is translated from Mossad Michael Bar Zohar’s original book which cost $13 for paper book and $24 for Hard Cover on the web call Amazon. Regarding the first episode of the Israeli Secret Agent’s book, the sale has now been sold out, and immediately after the publication, members of the League for Democracy bought a subscription to read and find out more about the mission from this great and strong country secret agent.

The price of the book in Khmer is $6, which is approximately 24,000 riels(kh) per book and is available at the League for Democratic Party’s offices in the provinces.