Revealed Kakada Sophorn as Fake Sponsorships and Scammers Coming to the Light

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Kakada Sophorn, who is also known by many as a gay priest, viewed his charity as a fake act to build a reputation and exploit it in the eyes of many. He often exposed the truth and presented evidence pertaining to this former priest.

Kakada Sophorn is considered by many to be a scammer in terms of philanthropy because this person exploits his previously established the charitable fund and subsequently leaks a voicemail as well conversation between people who has been contacted with this scam monk.

The source said that this person is not an aristocrat or rich person, but an orphan which has been circulating on social media, with social media accounts that have previously been uncovered. Until so many people have shared tens of thousands of shares on Facebook recently, the person is Kakada Sophorn, this one does not have Khmer background.

The message in the video was leaked to the following:

In the tapes revealed and confirmed: Kakada Sophorn is an orphan, this is a Vietnamese child in the Central Market in Phnom Penh who was adopted and has a history Stealing god-mother own money and was brought by god-mother grandparents to Phnom Penh but he (Kakada Sophorn) didn’t listen to her grand-mother and runaways from her and going in to pagoda and become to be a monk until now. This person prefers to prefer behave like a rich kid. He was living as a monk located in Takeo.