Mr. Khem Veana : Humans act according to their individual understanding

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Humans act according to their individual understanding which can be classified into countless categories. Some understand that sleeping in an air-conditioning room would make them a sound sleep; others understand that only going to school will educate them for a decent job; some are of the opinion that husband and wife must be loyal; some others think that humans must help one another.

Among these understandings, understanding the meaning of life is supreme and foremost. Understanding of life is knowing what self is, where it is from, and where is next after death. Understanding of life comes in three choices or forms.

  • Holding a belief to a religion;
  • Holding no belief to any religion;
  • Trusting one’s brain to reason.

Which of the above three choices is the most appropriate to abide by in one’s life?

  • Firstly, when one is holding a belief to a religion, s/he can be regarded as a headless person at birth.
  • Secondly, there are people who claim to have no faith in any religion arrogantly exercising their superiority. However, people in this category are by no means any better than the first.
  • Thirdly, in existence as a human being, one can potentially use his/her brain to dissect all types of issues.

Why do you reject your potential brain to think and hold on to a religious or secular practice? This can be analogously said that everyone has their own eyes for seeing everything. However, one decides to walk with their eyes closed to hit things around or to fall into a pit repeatedly. You have eyes but you fail to use them. Are you insane?

The potential use of one’s brain to think what oneself is, where it is from, and where is next after death is within a mental exercise of everyone as a human being. This will be elaborated in the next piece of writing.

Source : FB Veasna Khem