Khem Veasna Expresses Foreign Perspectives on Helping Cambodian Talent People

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Social Media: Mr. Khem Veasna, League for Democracy Party’s Leader posted with a few pictures and explain on his Facebook account, stating his views on the foreign country which support for Cambodian’s talented children and some of them are poor people. To get famous for their nationality or country. He explanations below:

Hearts always seek for desired. Self-desire is the main point of doing things looking such kindness. We saw that they (foreigner) help well-known Cambodian but they’re poor. In the bottom of their heart, they’re not interested in talented and this can’t help themselves out, but they(foreigner) helped them because that people (talented) make their country, their nation to be famous. Suddenly, people with a different nationality would do the same thing to others.

Well, those who act like it does not help, they do it for themselves, but they do not identify themselves as helping because of self-desired. We are not only helping people who are famous but also our poor people, but we are not talking about those who are helping and trying to be famous. Some people are not willing to help the talented and have no ability to help themselves, but to feel themselves like a good people.

The people who understood life or understanding of nature, they are not helping people because of self-desired or helping people within their own country or race. They open their eyes and see the same suffering and well-being, the same needs, the same fears, and the unbiased mind weighing their children and their children, their siblings, their race, and their own race.

Mr. Khem Veasna Explanation on Social Media